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Guaranteed commitment after Delete DPF EGR Sumitomo SH200-6

  • Completely remove the DPF EGR

  • There aren’t any errors related to the DPF EGR

  • No reduction the power


1. After a period operation will following problems

  • The exhaust system light is on
  • Acceleration does not go up, the truck is limited in RPM.
  • Engine loss of power


You must regularly maintain the exhaust system by

  • Use a diagnostic tool and use the diesel exhaust filter regeneration function (DPF)
  • Use liquid to clean exhaust filter (DPF)
  • Replace the exhaust filter (DPF) periodically
  • The maintenance of this system regularly, leading to the maintenance cost of the vehicle is too large


2. What is our solution for delete DPF EGR Sumitomo SH200-6?

  • Modify and remove the exhaust system in the vehicle’s original engine control software
  • Reflash the modified program into your vehicle using tool read and write file.

2.1. Tool

Ktag, Kess, PCM Flash….etc.


Work required after the delete DPF EGR

  • Hollow out or bypass all filters on exhaust
  • Block off EGR on both sides (if you delete EGR)
  • Unplug EGR sensors (if you delete EGR)
  • Unplug DPF SCR sensors


3. You want to delete DPF EGR but don’t know what to do?

Get in touch and provide us with pictures and information about the vehicle (ECM, Dataplate Engine, Model). We will then quote you the exact price.

If you agree to the price we offer, you proceed to pay us.

After you pay we send the file to you

If everything is OK, we’re done. 

Are you concerned about risk after payment?

We know you are concerned about the prepayment, receive the software later. Don’t worry, you should use Paypal and remember to choose a payment method Pay for goods or services, you will be guaranteed safety by Paypal. 

It is a form of assurance that gives you peace of mind, but in fact you will never need Paypal to resolve a dispute, because we would not be foolish to exchange a brand that we have built it. When there was bad feedback, our Paypal account was also locked. And will affect our brand. So if the case does not support you, we are ready to Refund the money you sent us.

Please refer: Refund policy.

After-sales support policy  

You are concerned the software error when using. You worry that you can not fix it yourself. You worry that it will take a long time affecting your work and many other problems. 

We fully understand these issues by you. And to ensure the interests of customers, we have a clear policy on this matter, please refer to: After-sales support policy.

Are you concerned that you will not know how to use the software?

If you are newbie, you can refer to our videos on our Youtube Channel or Facebook. We regularly upload video instructions to test the vehicle or perform the functions of programming and DPF SCR delete. Is it important that you take the time and effort to learn?. There are many tutorials, and many videos and documents that are completely free.  

Also, if you need us to do it for you, check out: Remote Tuning Service.


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